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An extensive range of handwheels for use in industrial applications.  Moulded in reinforced nylon and phenolic resin with inserts in brass, steel and stainless steel.  Handwheel styles include cross and star knobs, scalloped, tri-star, 6 point and knurled knobs with female, male and through thread inserts.  Also known as handknobs or handgrips these products are ideal for fastening, clamping and securing and are used widely on packaging machinery, sports equipment and medical products.

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Male Thread

Male threaded handwheels are grips that cap a protruding, threaded prong of varying lengths. They provide a simple and secure fastening for joining two components or for easily adjusting the grip or shape of a component. They are the perfect solution for keeping products easily collapsible as they are quick and easy to fix and detach. They also remove the risk of exposed edges causing injury and ensure a clean and smart look for the product.

Female Thread

Handwheels with female threads work in the opposite way to male threads, with a threaded central channel that attaches to a male counterpart. These handwheels are similarly ideal for joining parts together or for adding grip to adjustable components. Like male thread handwheels, these parts are restricted in their versatility, but offer a safe cap to a thread and a solution for simply and quickly joining or securing detachable and moving parts on a product.

Through Thread

Through thread handwheels are similar to female thread handwheels in their basic design, with the obvious distinction of allowing the male thread to pass through the handwheel. Like the other handwheel fittings, this means it is perfect for joining components but offers much wider control over the fitting and means it can be used as a universal fitting for any male thread on a product. Moving as easily as it can across a thread, it can be used for controlling balances or angles on your product – which is ideal for making adjustments.

Plain Bore

A plain bore can be similar in shape to either a female thread or through thread handwheel but with no existing cut thread. This simply acts as a cap onto any protruding thread or part to create a dial for adjusting components of a product. Similar to this is the push fit handwheel that tightly caps the end of a thread controlling the position of a component, giving you a greater controlled grip that is less likely to become loose during use.

A Choice of Grips

With point and knob grip handwheels you benefit from much better leverage, helping you to tighten the handwheel a lot more easily than with other grip types. However, this can be uncomfortable. Alternatively, scalloped grips fit the hand much better at the cost of being more likely to slip when tightening.