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Adjustable Feet

Experience a new level of stability with our range of rigid adjustable feet. Engineered with precision, they provide a solid foundation that ensures your products remain steady and secure. Whether it's heavy machinery, furniture, or industrial equipment, our feet deliver exceptional support and minimise vibration.


Cotel Mouldings have a range of articulating adjustable feet that are designed to solve all your levelling challenges without fuss. Rest assured our articulating feet ensure your products stay solid and secure in any environment. The articulating screw and base assembly allows the feet to be used on uneven surfaces.

Enhance the functionality and versatility of your products with our premium swivel base adjustable feet. The tilting feet feature a smooth swivel mechanism that allows for 360-degree rotation making them suitable for uneven or sloping floors. This functionality enables easy movement and repositioning of your products without the need to lift or drag.


Do you need reliable and versatile solutions to enhance the stability of your equipment and machinery? Look no further than our stainless steel adjustable feet. Designed to provide exceptional support, these heavy duty feet are used in food, beverage, packaging and pharma industries. The feet offer superior resistance to corrosion, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability making them suitable for applications where hygiene is paramount.


Designed to provide stability and balance, our one-piece adjustable feet ensure long-lasting performance. With easy installation and hassle-free adjustment, the plastic feet are easy to fit and offer value for money. Suitable for many furniture applications including wet rooms and outdoor seating.


Rubber dampers are ideal for use on engines, pumps, compressors and machines. The high-quality anti vibration mounts are supplied in a large range of diameter and thickness combinations with female inserts and male studs in thread sizes ranging from M4 to M12. These rubber to metal bonded dampers and anti-vibration rubber feet eliminate vibration, absorb shock, and reduce noise.

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