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Plastic Fixings & Fasteners

An expanded range of plastic nuts, bolts and washers in nylon, polypropylene and PVDF.  Industry standard fixings and fasteners including hexagon nuts, dome nuts, black nylon screws, wing nuts and grub screws. Choose Cotel Mouldings for excellent quality and value for plastic screws, nuts and nylon washers and spacers.

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Cotel Mouldings are specialists in manufacturing plastic fixings and fasteners from nylon, poly propylene and PVDF, as well as the manufacturing of custom plastic injection, compression and dip moulding. Our plastic injection moulding process consists of injecting heated thermo plastic into moulds of the desired component’s shape to create the perfect size of any fixing or plastic fastener. This enables industrial parts and components or small, intricate components, whatever your individual requirement. You can take advantage of our custom moulding service and get great deals on our minimum bulk orders. We have the facilities to produce individual custom made orders fast and to the highest quality. Our components are moulded either using the injection method, compression moulding for less complex components, or our dip moulding method for caps, grips and handle sleeves allowing a smooth finish and vivid colours.

Plastic Nuts

Nuts are fasteners with threaded holes used opposite a mating bolt to fasten parts together. Nuts come in many sizes for household hardware or industrial. The nuts are kept together by their threads' friction, a slight stretch of the bolt and compression of the parts. The nuts are graded with strength ratings to match their respective bolts.

Plastic Screws

Plastic screw fixings are fasteners characterised by their helical ridge or external thread. Some are designed to fit with complementary threads or nuts. Others are designed to cut a helical groove into softer material. Most have a head, usually heightened, to enable them to be driven in a clockwise right hand thread.

Plastic Washers

Thin plates which are disk shaped with a hole in used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener. Also used as spacers, spring purposes, wearing pad, locking device, reduction of vibrations and to prevent galvanic corrosion.

Plastic Wing nuts

Nuts with two large “wings” on either side for easy tightening or loosening without the aid of tools. Wing nuts come in a range of sizes and Cotel Mouldings produce them from natural nylon with the smaller variety in 4 different sizes and the larger in 5 sizes.