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Adjustable Furniture Feet

Great selection of adjustable furniture feet from leading component manufacturer Cotel Mouldings. Extensive range includes rigid and swivel feet for chairs and tables, adjustable levelling feet for conveyors and machinery and stainless steel feet for hygienic and catering applications. Many specialist options including bolt-down bases, anti-slip pads, all stainless steel feet, threaded tube inserts and anti-bacterial bases.

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Multi-use Adjustable Feet from Cotel Mouldings

Cotel Mouldings offer a range of fully adjustable furniture feet for a wide variety of uses and settings, including catering establishments, offices, educational settings and heavy industrial units.

Coping with sloping or uneven floors is no longer a problem with stainless steel adjustable feet from Cotel Mouldings. Bulk buying deals are available, and custom mould feet to specific dimensions can be produced, providing the minimum order requirements are met.

Low profile adjustable levelling feet are available in various sizes, with threads ranging from M6-M12. Ideal for use with office and educational furniture, the base is supplied in either black nylon or polyethylene material.

Threaded adjustable feet are available with a fixed or articulating stem to give customers a wide choice of options, including:

Adjustable Swivel Feet

Swivel feet are available in stainless steel or zinc-plated thread, and in diameters ranging from 25-55mm. Particularly suited for office furniture, swivel feet have a black polyethylene or nylon base. Anti-slip swivel feet are an option where safety and secure positioning are essential. Reinforced swivel feet are capable of bearing loads of up to 12,000 Newtons, and with three sizes to choose from are ideal for conveyors and similar heavy-duty machinery.

Adjustable Machine Feet

Machine feet are fully adjustable furniture feet and may be used on uneven surfaces. Ideal for use in industrial units and catering establishments, machine feet have a zinc-plated steel thread with a black polyethylene or nylon 32mm diameter base.

Smooth-based Feet

Ideal for settings in which carpets are used, smooth-based feet are non-marking and designed to distribute weight evenly.

Heavy Duty Pallet Feet

Specifically designed for heavy industrial use as supports for containers, adjustable heavy duty pallet feet are produced in mild pressed steel. A square sectional tube is inserted into the pallet foot and is welded into place to give a very strong and stable base.

Adjustable Furniture Feet

Our range of adjustable furniture feet and adjustable feet for table legs and chairs can provide a simple answer to uneven flooring. These help to give good traction and stability and are available in a range of different materials and configurations.