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Tube Connectors

Buy tube connectors from UK manufacturer and supplier Cotel Mouldings. Multi way connectors for round and square tubes with optional metal core for extra strength. Push fit tube connector application eliminates need for welding, which are perfect for temporary and permanent structures.

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Whether for temporary or permanent structures our range of push-fit square tube connectors makes connecting tubing easy. Manufactured in high-grade black plastic for lightweight durability, available in multiple sizes and with metal core options for extra strength when needed Cotel Moulding’s range of square and round plastic tube connectors has what you need. For specialist applications, custom moulding is available. Simply fill in the contact form or give us a call to discuss, we are ready to help.

Round straight tube connectors

Our round straight connectors are ideal for joining metal tubing and are a cost-effective alternative to welding. Manufactured in black polyethylene to be both strong and lightweight our round straight connectors are available in both metric and imperial sizes. The metric sizes are also available with an optional metal core for additional strength when needed.

Hinged tube connectors

For when you need the flexibility of joining tubing at varying angles, our high quality range of square hinged connectors moulded in black nylon is exactly what you are looking for. Available in square 2, 3 and 4 way models for box tubing, there are 2 metric sizes of 25x25 and 30x30. The 25x25 model is also available in two angle ranges, one of 60 – 300 degrees and one with a 45 – 200 degree range.

2 & 3 way tube connectors

For temporary structures, displays and other metal tube connecting needs, the options afforded by the 2 way corners and 3 way T round connectors offers a simple, repeatable method of set-up. Available in 3 sizes, each size option also has an optional metal core option for even more usability. As well as a square 2 way corner and a square 3 way T there is a 3 way corner square tube connector for even greater design options.

4 & 5 way tube connectors

When your product or display setup requires even a greater range of design options, look no further than our square 4 way flat, 4 way corner and 5 way corner tube connectors. Available in 3 sizes, 20x20, 25x25, and 30x30 there is also the option of a metal core for when your application demands greater stability.