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Industrial Levers

Industrial levers in plastic, die cast alloy, steel and stainless steel. Indexed clamping levers feature a ratchet mechanism for easy and quick clamping – also known as kipp handles or locking handles these strong clamping levers are available in plastic and metal. These industrial levers are ideal for use where space is confined and extra purchase is required we also offer fixed levers and tee handles in a large choice of styles and sizes.

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Find a wide range of levers for use in a variety of industrial applications and environments here. Our levers are constructed from high quality, strong and durable materials including reinforced nylon, stainless steel, zinc plated steel, black oxide treated steel, brass and die cast alloy. The range includes both male and female threads, indexed clamping and push button release. In addition to standard lever handles, the range also includes T levers and horizontal levers.

Male and female threaded levers

Male threaded levers feature a protruding threaded stud at the base, whilst female threaded levers have a threaded bore instead. The choice of male or female thread will be determined by the particular application. In both cases, the levers are available in a range of stud and bore lengths, and with a variety of different thread sizes to suit various applications.

Indexed clamping levers

Indexed clamping levers are operated with a single ratchet movement, helping the operator to gain purchase when using the lever, and ensuring accurate positioning. The lever is automatically clamped into place, and the ratchet mechanism prevents the lever from slippage or accidental movement. This is ideal for applications in which safety is important. Indexed clamping levers are also commonly known as Kipp levers or locking handles.

Push button levers

Push button levers require the user to depress a central button before the handle can be operated. They also ensure that the lever will lock into position as soon as the operator releases the button. This feature is perfect for preventing any accidental or unintentional movement or over-movement of the lever, and is therefore ideal for busy environments and applications in which safety is critical.

T levers

Most levers have a solid, fixed handle in a single direction. In contrast, T levers offer a central, adjustable double handle. This is ideal for environments with very restricted space, where there may not be sufficient horizontal clearance for a regular lever handle to complete a full rotation. T levers are also useful for applications where a screw motion is desired by the operator.

Horizontal levers

Regular levers project up at a shallow angle, whereas horizontal levers are perfectly perpendicular to the thread shaft. This is ideal for locations with no vertical clearance, or where a cover or panel needs to be placed directly over the lever when it's not in use. The low profile of horizontal levers is also useful for avoiding accidental movement of the lever in busy environments.