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Crank Handles

Crank handles moulded in glass fibre reinforced polyamide are suitable for winding and adjusting applications. Strong material and design transmits high torque values during operation. Options include 5 handle sizes with plain or threaded bores, choice of fixed or folding revolving handle, Indexed crank handle also features ratchet mechanism.

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A range of crank handles made with high quality manufacturing and construction techniques, and utilising strong, robust and reliable materials. Our crank handles are ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications, harnessing a lever effect to multiply the manual force applied by the operator and enabling efficient winding and adjusting.

Our crank handles are constructed from high quality glass fibre reinforced polyamide, along with brass or zinc plated steel inserts. They are designed to efficiently transmit high values of torque during their operation, and the materials offer resistance to impacts and also to grease and oil, making them ideally suited to a wide range of industrial environments.

Product options include a choice of plain or threaded bores, a variety of handle sizes, and both fixed and folding revolving handles. We also stock indexed crank handles, which feature a ratchet mechanism enabling one-way operation and the automatic locking of the handle to pre-set positions.

Plastic Revolving handles

Revolving handles significantly improve the operation of cranks, by enabling the operator to maintain a firm, stationary grip of the handle as it is turned. By reducing friction, not only do revolving handles boost the efficiency of operation, they also reduce the risk of user discomfort or injury.

Folding handles

Folding handles still provide a solid, robust winding and cranking action just like fixed handles. However, they also offer the added benefit of the ability to be folded parallel to the crank arm when not in use. This is ideal for environments with limited space, and can also reduce the potential for hazards caused by a protruding handle, such as striking other machinery or components, or catching on the clothing or bodies of operators. Folding handles are also suitable for situations in which the crank handle needs to be covered with a door or panel when not in operation.

Threaded bores and plain bores

The choice of threaded or plain bores in a number of different sizes makes crank handles versatile for a wide range of applications. Threaded bores can be securely attached to existing components that possess a male threaded component of the same thread size.

Indexed crank handles

Indexed cranks help to ensure the safe and accurate operation of handles. A ratchet mechanism can help to prevent accidental slippage or the crank being turned in the wrong direction, and the indexed feature ensures that the crank handle rests firmly in one of several predetermined positions.