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Threaded Handles

An expanded range of industrial threaded handles including female and male threaded handles, t handles, revolving and rotating handles in a variety of styles and materials. Standard parts are produced in black nylon or phenolic resin, with alternative colours and insert materials available to order subject to minimum order quantity. The high quality moulded handles are suitable for use on printing, packaging, agricultural and food processing machinery.

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Male & Female Threaded Handles

We stock a wide range of female thread handles with M4 to M14 sized threads, all with durable black polyamide grips. Male thread handles have a zinc plated steel insert available in lengths ranging from 27mm to 110 mm, with up to M14 sized threads. For a change of style a moulded nylon scalloped handle can be chosen in female or male thread, or plain bore, in M8 to M16 thread sizes. Where extra leverage is needed, choose the handle with lever arm with zinc plated steel insert, as a great alternative to the male threaded handle, available in 13 different sizes for greater choice.

Tapered Male & Female Thread Handles

Female thread tapered handles are available in four sizes, from 50mm to 105mm, with M4 to M8 thread sizes. All varieties are very durable and hard-wearing as they are made from black phenolic material. Male tapered handles are made from the same hard-wearing material and have a zinc plated steel insert, available in a variety of sizes to suit different needs, from 27mm to 105mm.

T Handles

T handles come with either female thread, female moulded thread, male thread or plain bore, each of which are available in a variety of dimensions and sizes to suit many different industrial or agricultural applications. The handle sections are made from reinforced black polyamide. The T handle female thread variety comes with brass insert, and the T handle male thread comes with a zinc plated steel insert, although stainless steel inserts can be requested for both.

Rotating & Revolving Handles

There is a diverse range of rotating and revolving handles in several different styles, including a straightforward revolving handle with reinforced polyamide grey cap, with M6 to M12 threads, or revolving handles with screw and nut fixings, from 50mm to 90mm in length, with black oxide treated insert for corrosion protection. There are also levered revolving handles where a different grip would be useful. The straight revolving folding handle comes in 81mm or 89mm sizes, with an M10 treated black oxide stud. We also stock a range of revolving handles with hexagon socket head stud in 10 different sizes, from 52mm to 93mm in length.

Self-Fixing Handle

There are three types of self-fixing handles where the internal bore is tapered for a tight fit when screwed into position. A plain polyamide self-fixing handle comes with an 83mm handle, designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and available in different bore sizes. There is also a self-fixing gear handle in one size to suit 12, 14 or 16mm bore sizes. Finally, there is the rectangular self-fixing handle in a variety of different sizes to suit flat bar.

Ring Handle & Through Bore Handles

A 90mm ring handle is available for M8, M10 or M12 threads. There are two different types of through bore handles: a standard through bore in 50mm to 90mm sizes; and a straight through bore handle in 80mm or 90mm, both of which are perfect for lighter applications.