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Workplace & Safety Signs

Health and safety signs are legal requirements in many work places and public spaces, informing employees and visitors of emergency exits, equipment and hazards. It is a legal requirement to have certain signs in place in premises in the UK, and it is a good idea to have other signs to help protect your business and people in the area.

We have a range of signs available, including mandatory signage, prohibition signs, hazard signs, fire action signs and safety signs. These signs come in standardised sizes, but we can also produce different sizes and combinations if required – simply get in touch with us to find out what options are available.

We offer quick turn around on our products, even when they are custom ordered, so you can be compliant with laws and regulations quickly and easily. As well as the signs themselves, we also stock sign fixings and adhesive tabs, or the option of self-adhesive signs for ease of use.

Safety signs are the primary way of communicating health and safety information, particularly in areas which people haven’t been in before. Their standardised styles, colours and imagery can help people quickly understand dangers.

Sign Type Summary

Red coloured signs are for prohibition and danger notification, such as cut out devices, no smoking and no entry signs. These signs have a red circle with a line through to represent the probation of activities, ensuring safety and to make people aware of dangers.

Yellow coloured signs show warnings, making sure that people take precautions and attention to their surroundings. These come in a triangular shape to draw attention, with black images on a yellow background, informing people of electrical dangers, hot water, slippery surfaces and other possible dangers.

Green signs are designed to inform people of locations, escape routes, fire doors etc. They come in a green colour with a white message and image to convey messages with a lower level of urgency.

We make sure that the health and safety signs we sell are clear and legible whilst fitting in with rules and regulations. We offer combined signage in many cases to help people know about different rules, without causing confusion which can arise from having too many signs in one area.

For more information on the products available, take a look at our health and safety signs and products. If you are interested in custom signs, simply get in touch with us for a quote and we can help you get the right product for your location.

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