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Catering Fixtures & Fittings

The food and beverage industry needs to maintain high levels of hygiene throughout operations. This means that very specific products are needed to meet these standards, and when you are looking for guaranteed workmanship, you should think of Cotel.

At Cotel we are experts in dealing with plastic and metal fixings, dealing with various materials and moulding methods to give you the exact products you need. Even if you are looking for a product and you only see it in a certain material, but need another, we can create custom items individually or in bulk.

These standards apply to more than just the machinery directly involved in manufacture, but it also includes the other equipment used in these areas; including trolleys, railings and a range of other fittings. Many of our products already fit within guidelines for hygiene and catering equipment applications, with many more being able to be adapted with different materials.

Our Process

Our processes utilise the very best machinery, expertise and materials to give high precision results each and every time. By having the highest standards through every step of the process, our components always meet exacting standards.

Different items require different manufacturing processes to ensure that they are hard wearing, safe and adhere to all applicable guidelines – especially in industries such as catering. At Cotel we are highly skilled in plastic injection, compression and dip mouldings, all of which can be used to meet different circumstances and requirements.

With various options available on our products, simply get in touch with us to get exactly what you need quickly and effortlessly.

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