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Dip Moulded Components

Dip moulding is one of the main methods used to create made-to-measure custom moulded items, because it offers consistency, quality and durability. We produce a shaped mould from your exact specifications that is then dipped into a thermoplastic, cured and then peeled to create the finished product. The results are a perfectly smooth finish in a range of vivid colours, ideal for the production of caps, grips and handle sleeves.

How It Works

Precise motion control of any dip moulding system is essential in order to achieve consistent results. There are several different applications of the basic method, including manual systems, overhead dipping and movable tank dip systems. The ability to use various speeds of submersion and extraction can give extra control. Temperature and agitation can also be controlled to determine the quality of the end product.

Curing (sometimes called fusing) is the part of the dip moulding process where the raw plastisol material is worked to become the desired shape. On large parts with heavy coatings this can be time consuming and have a significant impact on the overall production duration; therefore, compression moulding may be used instead. Most plastisols need a minimum of 160-175°C (320-350°F) or higher to cure, depending on the formulation used. Curing is usually verified by visual inspection and tear testing. At Cotel Mouldings we make sure to check every product for an exact match-up to the customer’s specifications.

Cooling dip mouldings can be achieved using forced air, ambient air or water quenching. The cooling process can take longer if heavy parts or thick coatings are involved, because the plastisol coating effectively insulates the tool or mandrel and holds heat in longer. This sometimes means that more than one cooling station needs to be incorporated in machine design.

Here are some products created in our factory using Dip Moulding:

Dip Moulded Product 1Dip Moulded Product 2Dip Moulded Product 3

Cotel Mouldings

Cotel Mouldings are one of the UK’s leading custom moulding manufacturers of industrial components. We supply a whole catalogue of made to measure products, plus component moulding using the above methods for: Furniture Fittings, Hinges, Locks, Fixings, Caps, Cables, Safety Signs and more. If you’d like to know more, Cotel Mouldings offer free expert advice regarding your needs whatever your location in Europe.

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