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Custom Moulded Components

Cotel Mouldings have over 100 years’ experience in the manufacture of custom plastic injection, compression and dip moulding. As an expert moulding company we are able to modify all of our catalogue products to suit each customer’s individual requirements. Previously we have produced custom furniture fixings, components and safety signs. Each have met our customers’ exact specifications and are testament to our dedicated service.

Custom Moulding is subject to a minimum order requirement. To find out more please contact us on 01282 424 376.

If you cannot find what you need in our standard range, please email your technical drawings to .

Our Plastic Moulding Methods

Across the industrial component industry, professional plastic products are most commonly produced with plastic injection moulding. Our plastic injection moulding process is extremely reliable, and allows us to produce industrial parts and components that are very small and intricate, or complex in their design. The method works by injecting heated thermoplastic into a mould of the desired component’s shape. With this, we can manufacture large volumes of products from our catalogue, or made-to-measure versions by editing the injection mould to your specifications. The injection process can be fully automated for fast production with machine accuracy. The factory also covers a 20,000 sq. foot area, meaning we can we can produce at high volume and speed for customers who need their products fast.

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Cotel Mouldings also use compression moulding to create less complex components to a high standard. Force and heat reshape thermoplastics around a customized mould, which are then allowed to set for a period of time. This is also an accurate production method for custom moulding and creates little wastage – allowing us to use more high quality compounds. Expect superb shape and consistency.

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For dip moulding, a shaped mould is dipped into a thermoplastic, then cured and peeled to create the finished product. The dipping mould we use is made-to-measure according to your exact specifications, and is mostly used for the production of caps, grips and handle sleeves. Dip moulding gives a brilliant smooth finish and can create vivid colours.

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Shape consistency, quality and durability can be expected from all of our custom moulded products. We use our years of expertise to select the best method of production for your components. We also make sure to check every product for quality and for an exact match-up to your specifications.

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