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Hazard Signs

We stock a range of hazard signs to help inform people of hazards and to warn people about possible dangers. These hazard signs are available in both rigid polypropylene and self-adhesive vinyl to suit your specific requirements. In addition to the standard signs and sizes we have, we can also create custom signs to suit your needs. For further information on these signs or our custom options, feel free to get in touch with us today on 01282 424 376.

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CCTV Signs

CCTV is widely used to ensure that events are logged, as well as for deterrents to thieves. Our CCTV signs let people know where they are in operation do inform and deter. With various sizes, combinations and materials available, you can find the right sign type for your needs here at Cotel Mouldings.

Electric Shock Risk Signs

Electricity is used almost everywhere, but it can be dangerous when mishandled. Use our electric shock risk signs to make people aware of the inherent risks of electricity. They are available in both rigid and self-adhesive styles so that they can be used everywhere they are needed. For more information on the products available from Cotel, contact us today.